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Posted on: Monday, 19th April 2010


CommsDay\’s daily Australian/NZ PDG mailout is a fantastic vehicle to reach senior decision makers in telecoms – after all you know they are reading because they pay for the privilege.

To find out more contact, Sally Lloyd at sally@commsdaymail.com


From time to time we receive requests from conference and analyst firms to promote their products and services as a \”media partner\”. The following outlines what we offer and don\’t offer:


  • Two weeks of banner ads in the email editions of our paid subscription newsletter – CommsDay Australia – reaching 8,000 industry executives. This is an exclusive qualified audience who pay to receive information.
  • In return we ask for logo recognition of our media partner status and, sometimes, a free pass to your event.


  • E-shots or email blasts. They are regarded as SPAM and do our brand and your brand no favours. If you insist on this we simply will not co-operate with you.
  • Favourable editorial coverage – we make our money from reporting genuine information, not from promoting your events.
  • Banners on our websites (we restrict this to paying customers)


  • By working with CommsDay you access a premium audience who demonstrate that they pay for information – and in turn, you reach that audience with out earning any of the reputation or incurring any of the cost required to attain them. In turn, we ask you pass on this saving in your marketing overhead as a benefit to our readers in the way of a discount. Offering a 20% discount to your event or service for CommsDay readers will earn your brand more respect with our readers and induce us to provide you with more promotion.
  • Also we ask you appreciate we don\’t say yes to every proposal. There has to be something in it for us in terms of promoting our brand which means that a) we prefer to work with established events and b) you need to demonstrate the benefits you provide to us in terms of reaching new audiences. This means we don\’t become an unpaid media partner to your seminar of 20 delegates derived totally from our subscriber list using our marketing media. If you want to build an event using our goodwill we ask you approach us for a formal joint venture.

For more information contact Grahame Lynch grahamelynch@commsdaymail.com

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