About Decisive

Posted on: Monday, 19th April 2010

Company information and contacts

Decisive Publishing is the publisher of CommsDay\’s Australia/NZ editions and convenor of the CommsDay Summit events in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore. It is also joint convenor of the annual ACOMMS Awards and the Australasia Satellite Forum.

Founded in Sydney in 1994, it operates from offices in Pitt St, Sydney. Its directors are Grahame Lynch, Jeremy Grigg and David Haselhurst. It also has representation in  Melbourne, Hong Kong, northern California, Texas and Bangkok, Thailand. It also has formal relationships and agreements with Communications Alliance (ACOMMS), Pacific Telecommunications Council and Talk Satellite (Australasian Satellite Forum).

In recent times, it acquired The Line of New Zealand from Action Media.


Grahame Lynch, CEO (relevant contact for conference speakers)  GrahameLynch@commsdaymail.com

Petroc Wilton, Group editorial director Petroc@commsdaymail.com

Tony Chan, International editor Tony@commsdaymail.com

David Edwards, Australian assistant editor david@commsdaymail.com

Geoff Long, regional editor Geoff@commsdaymail.com

Sally Lloyd, Administration manager (accounts receivable/payable) Sally@commsdaymail.com

Veronica Kennedy-Good, Event sponsorship and organisation  veronica@mindsharecomms.com.au

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